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Skilled Labor Foundation

Skilled Labor Foundation Vision

The Why

We understand that a traditional four-year college or university is not for everyone. The initiatives first component is hosting annual community advocacy events targeted towards middle school students to advocate & raise awareness for the benefits of a career in the skilled labor industry. 


The second component provides the long-term financial foundation for educational institution support and growth through annual development grants including but not limited to new training equipment, increasing class room capability, and additional hands-on courses.

The Now

Facilitate recurring fundraising events as well as a goal based advisor board seats from generous donors across the skilled labor industry. We then put that money into income earning equities managed by Farmers Trust Co, to provide funds to facilitate annual  community advocacy events across Mahoning, Trumbull, Ashtabula & Cuyahoga county.      




The Next

The 2028 goal is to establish a minimum foundation endowment of $250,000. This is when the local early education institutions focused on skilled labor work force development are able to apply for grants provided by the foundations second component as listed above.

Skilled Labor Advisor Board
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