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Organizing Principles

Adaptable | Community | Selflessness | Transparency | Diversity

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Our Story

In early 2020, a group of local Northeast Ohioans saw the need for an organization that’s entire charitable mission focused on establishing as well as continually providing long-term positive impact across this great region. Our first foundational concept is simple, all funds raised by the local community, stay in the local community. This seems like an easy concept considering most people like to eat local or shop local, but A LOT of the traditional nonprofits people across Northeast Ohio donate to are organizations based in Chicago, D.C., and New York. How much of your donated monies really stays here? We can proudly say, when you choose to #DonateLocal through One Step Ahead Ohio, 100% of your contributions stay in Mahoning, Trumbull, Ashtabula & Cuyahoga counties!
Our second concept was understanding everyone’s needs are unique and will continue to change. Individuals, families and other organizations shouldn’t be disqualified from receiving support because their “hardship/mission” doesn’t meet a singular specific guideline. This established our adaptable dual outreach approach where all donations back into the community are facilitated through our Positive Acts of Kindness and Skilled Trade Development initiatives.  
The final organizational concept was based on what our founders saw lacking at a high-level, across the entire charitable landscape, related to accessible details outlining fundraising & donation transparency. One Step Ahead Ohio is committed to keeping every supporter up to date on all fundraisers, annual events, grants, and/or donations back into the community through email blast, regular social media and website updates on a monthly basis.

To serve and inspire organizations, families, individuals of the greater Northeast Ohio region while assisting in the growth, support, and future of the individualized community needs.

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Donation Report - Sept 2023

Skilled Trade Endowment Fund The scholarship & development fund is focused on growing, advocating, and raising awareness to the declining local manufacturing & skilled tradesperson workforce across Northeast Ohio. This years scholarship was awarded to Kai Adams out of Trumbull County to further his education in the skilled trade industry. This fund also awarded a grant towards the 2023 Mahoning County Career & Technical Center teachers scholarship fund. 

Positive Acts of Kindness – Our P.A.K. initiative has contributed over $20,500 through 30 strategic donations towards Northeast Ohio individuals and families as well as other like minded nonprofit organizations & community fundraising efforts. These donations include, but are not limited to the Webb & Couto families, Austintown Fitch football, Bristol High School, the 2022 Panerathon, SJPIII Memorial Fund, First Tee of Cleveland, the Warren Family Mission and more! 

Meet Our Board Members

Joe Manofsky
Mark Fiest
David Culp
Glenda Harper

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