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Mission Statement

"To serve and inspire organizations, families, individuals of the greater Northeast Ohio region while assisting in the growth, support, and future of the individualized community needs."

Core Initiatives  

Skilled Trade Development
Postive Acts of Kindness

Organizing Principles


The dual initiative approach allows for immediate community support through direct donations to families facing unforeseen financial hardship while also partnering with other local, like minded organizations. The Skilled Trade Development fund is raising awareness, providing recurring yearly scholarships as well as established long-term local development programs for the skilled trade industry.



Outreach initiatives, fundraising and donations specifically focus on unity throughout the Northeast Ohio region which is translated through our organizational slogan, “Becoming Better Together”.

One Step Ahead Ohio provides support through both initiatives regardless of income level, demographics, hardship circumstances, race, gender, or age. We pride ourselves on providing unique and ever changing donations to fit the community in need.


All fundraising as well as donations are facilitated for the needs and wishes of others rather than one's own individual, advancement or desires which reinforces our slogan of “Becoming Better Together”.


Providing supporters and donors regular email blasts, monthly website updates, alongside recurring social media posts with detailed donation information for full visibility of what their collective money supports all year long.

Recent Donations

PAK Hardship

Ohio Donate Local Support Local

Nyla Webb

January 12, 2002 ~ April 10, 2023

Positive Acts of Kindness

Creative Corner Youngstown Ohio Donation

Youngstown, Ohio

Postivie Act of Kindness Day

Skilled Trade Development

Scholarship Kai Adams

Kai Adams
2023 Scholarship Recipient

"Doing Good" Podcast OSAO Spotlight

Ohio Local Podcast

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Why Local

The needs of our local community and that of North East Ohio have outpaced the available funds from institutionalized nonprofits and faith-based charity programs.  In addition, large charitable foundations have significant expenses including administration salaries that dilute the valuable contributions received from donors. Have your donation make a difference for someone in your community today! 

Our Vision

One Step Ahead Ohio is recognized by the local Northeast Ohio communities as being a benchmark for success. We are proud and committed to Becoming Better Together while acting as a united front.


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